Food for The Soul

There are currently two series included in the posts on the main page.

Those labeled “Death Manifesto” are the reason I started the blog. They deal with the relationship between death and Christian theology. More specifically, they deal with the primary liturgical rites of Baptism and Eucharist, as well as theology about the church community as the body of Christ. My thinking is informed by an interest and involvement in caring for the dead in community and natural burial practices.

The second series of related posts is a series that explores the podcast “My Favorite Murder.” It’s a podcast that is labeled by its creators as “humor.” Its ostensible subject is true crime, but others have pointed out that it also functions as self help for some. Start here if you want to read the whole thing. They are all tagged and categorized with “My Favorite Murder.”

Additionally there are posts that are not part of a series. So far, they are either about death or politics or both. And whatever I post is also going to be about religion and faith. So if you like to stay away from taboo topics, this isn’t the blog for you. But if you want to be annealed, there’s gonna be some heat.

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