Consider the role of hermeneutics and an obsession with political victory, not fringe elements or populism

When a movement has nearly 40 years of turning a blind eye to the needs of children and the people who teach, feed, and keep them safe on a daily basis, in favor of a political goal related to the unborn, it is myopic to blame a “radicalized base” or “rage at politicians” or even right-wing media for the rise of a person like President Trump.

The Earth: Site of God’s Lovingkindness

It is for this reason that we must cherish the earth: the earth is where God first met and still meets us. If we are to preserve the world for future generations it is because those future generations will best know the Creator through the creation, not merely because it is beautiful and majestic, but because the land, the earth is where God has always mediated loving kindness to humanity.